Saturday, July 5, 2008

Episode 4 - Quickie Flash Cast

To avoid putting off the podcast until I have a full episode with a full review of one of the Erotic Elite, I will be producing 15-20 minute episodes, called Quickie Flash Casts, that will just have a personal update and a few poems and short stories written by yours truly.

I'm sorry for not producing a new podcast for the past month or so, but I was involved in a huge accident on June 12th, 2008. Enjoy the massive carnage below:

Being doped up on pain medications does nothing good for the creative juices. :) I am just now getting to a point where I can try to function enough to put together anything sensible. I discuss my girl, Shani Greene-Dowdell's Blog Talk Radio show, Erotica Gone Wild, which you can see at

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Livetalkradio said...

That was very nice and I enjoyed it. I'm so glad to hear your voice. Take care and keep in touch